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Wood Bat tournament details


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Okay, this crazy weather just won't seem to let up so we are going to "work together" to stay on top of "What happens now" if "Something were to happen"...... example: too much RAIN !!

So, here is the deal.

I will get my information from the Texas Elite Baseball website.

I want you to do the same as well.

the homepage is

You can navigate around from there. Click on tournaments and then June 11-13th Wood Bat.

I am adding this link as well:

It goes straight to the tournament bracket page.

At times rain out info is posted on the front page so BE CAREFUL!!

The tournament rain out # is 292.0190

Also, I am taking ONE MORE STEP to communicate...

Click on

You will notice a "memo" box towards the top right.

Check there as well for updates as I get them.

I will post them under - ABC Texas.

Hope this made picture perfect sense :)

**We will wear gray pants and blue tops the first day and white pants and red tops the second day.

Coach Prater

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