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Player Profiles


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Player Profiles
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Part 1 of the report is used when marketing to scouts and coaches
Part 2 is not shared when marketing to scout and coaches
Name primary position
BODY catchers body; strong upper and lower body; muscularly developed; powerful legs
SPEED runs well for a catcher; not a liability at all on the bases; good first step
will score from second base on a base hit
ARM "plus" arm strength; excellent "carry" on the ball to second base; ball stays up when he
drops to a knee to throw; can throw the ball a long way
DEFENSE solid behind the plate; very agile and durable; could catch all day if needed him to
keeps ball in front of him; good hands & quick exchange; quick release
home plate is his "territory".....try and score if you dare
best average
POP-TIME 1.85 1.90-1.95
OFFENSE switch hitter, natural righty; nice swing from both sides of the plate; line drive hitter with
power potential; excellent bat control
INSTINCTS Has an excellent feel for the game; smart behind the plate and calls a great game; 
knows "when to" and"when not to" try and make things happen;
Understands situation hitting and handles bat well.
Not to many (if any) work harder at improving their game and perfecting their skills;
Pitchers love to throw to him; Can play with anybody; Can hurt you at the plate at
anytime; quick feet and release allow to pick behind runners as well as shut down
running game all together; nothing gets by him
Offensively, need consistant "plus" AB's; lately seem to be over swinging a bit rather than
getting square to the ball; better 2 strike contact
Defensively, top notch; teams pretty much stop trying to run
work on consistency receiving pitches; "catch" balls, "stick" strikes
Great job going about your business; would like you to speak out a little more and be assertive;
Good hustle on and off the field;Your level headed approach shows an extreme amount of maturity;
Need to be more consistent with contact at the plate. You can still take a healthy cut with two
strikes but you need to punish pitchers who get behind in the count,
More consistency with your receiving. You have great hands and should not be dropping or missing
Your quickness and arm strength set you apart BUT you've got to polish it off with the little things
around the plate
You've got to make solid contact. Pitchers are going to work you hard so get ready !
Got to be a run producer; scouts aren't going to look at you and see a lead off type guy
two demensial catchers (hitting/defense) get LONG HARD looks by EVERYBODY !
You've got the tools to be two demensional !!!
Make sure that between 5 of the 7 innings you come up a give scouts a chance to get a quick pop
Each time you go out get it in your mind that nothing is going to get by you. To be in the
"top class" of catchers NOTHING CAN GET BY YOU !
Be a student of the gameread, watch, understand pitch calling / selection.there is a magical
phrase called "handling a pitching staff" that you need to be good at.
You look really good at your current weight; carefull not to "appear" to be carrying
around extra weight. Legs, hips, and upper body are strong enough. Continue to work on flexibility
and over all "agility". The good ones can really move around behind the plate. There won't be any scouts
ask you how much you can bench or squat.
Player Profile
Division 1 catcher


Name primary position
Right handed pitcher
BODY power pitchers body; strong upper & lower body build; powerful legs
broad strong shoulders; muscularly developed
SPEED average speed; runs well for size
ARM better than average arm strength; good carry on ball during long toss;
good arm slot & release point
current project
PITCHES FB 85-86 88-91+
CB big league curve ball; nasty late break 12 to 6.
SLIDER stays down in zone well; seems to have a little better "feel" for this pitch
CH good feel for pitch; gaining confidence to use more and more
DEFENSE fields position well; moves well around mound; quick to cover bag; understands back up
OFFENSE when he gets the barrell "squared up" to the ball the ball really jumps
INSTINCTS good mound presence; doesn't get rattled when pressure is on; understands pitchers
responsibilities and "back up" assignments
Nice addition to pitching rotation. Has a pitchers mentality, here it is hit it...if you can.
Works hard. Asks questions. Understanding situaional pitching more and more.
Comes ready to contribute in which ever way the teams needs him.
Really seem to have found a groove. You are making the appropriate adjustments on
the mound quicker now than before (up in zone; one breaking ball is working better than the other)
Looking for a little more consistency with CB. Fastball is down in the zone ....until you have to
pitch from the stretch. Seem to have a little troube getting the feel for the bottom of the zone from
the stretch.
Over all, nice job hustling and backing up the correct bases. I like the conversations and the
adjustments you have made regarding pitch sequence to batters and what to throw when.
Excellent job. Great hustle on and off the field. You have a consistency with your emotions that
coaches wish all players had. You can't tell if you gave up a homerun or struck someone out....
just give me the ball.
Excellent leadership skills. Vocal when you need to be and you lead by example. Great istner and
extremely coachable.
Bottom line, you've got to go out and IMPRESS. You have the "tools" now it's time to execute.
Fastballs with a little zip on them down in the zone followed by your "Big League" curve ball.
Understand, we've got to give people something to talk about..... A good fastball with a "plus"
curve is a great way to start.
There is a little pressure on you but you are ready. Your mental maturity can take you a long way
in this game......keep tapping into the inward confidence that you display outwardly !
Player Profile
A college coaches desire on the hill.... Strong, durable pitcher with good stuff.


Name primary position
left field
BODY lean athletic body; continues to fill out and get stronger
SPEED average speed; moves well around base paths and in outfield
ARM average arm
DEFENSE great instincts in the outfield; gets a good a jump on the ball; understands
OFFENSE good bat speed; line drive hitter; working on improving short game; runs well on
base paths
INSTINCTS smart player between the lines; gets great jumps on the ball in the outfield; good
contact hitter at plate; very coachable and understands how to make adjustments
Great hustle from the first pitch to the last.
Cmerek can play. Team player that brings a lot of intangibles to the field.
Understands tempo of game and goes about his business with class. 
Will contribute both offensively and defensively.
part 2
Solid in the  outfield. You track the ball nice and get in good position to throw .
Throws are strong when you keep the ball down through the cut off man.
Need to work on contact with two strikes. Nice job showing bunt.
Great hustle. You hit the field hard from the dugout to your position.
At times can appear to be a little "too laid back"; coaches can misread this at times
Very coachable and responsive; genuine effort to make adjustments
You've got to go hard all the time. No one "tool" stands out on paper.
You are a tremenous team player and are a valuable asset to any team.
Keep working on drag & push bunts; this will be a nice addition to your offensive game.
Must be viewd as a contact hitter that puts the ball in play, especially with two outs.
Long toss. Help increase your arm strength and "carry" on the ball.
Quickness. Keep working on your first step both out of the box & in outfield
Long toss. Help increase your arm strength and "carry" on the ball.
Quickness. Keep working on your first step both out of the box & in outfield
Player profile
I feel that you will find yourself in left field in college. Not quite enough raw foot speed for center
not quite the arm strength for right at this time

Don't rule out 3rd base, I like you over there


Name primary position
Center field
BODY plus body; lean; strong; long arms & legs; tall w/ broad shoulders
SPEED plus speed; one of best "weapons"; has a "second gear" on the base paths
"second gear" tracking balls in the outfield
ARM better than average arm and getting better; good carry on balls that are low thru
cut off man
DEFENSE plus center fielder that reads the ball well off the bat an gets tremendous jumps
great instincts; can really GO GET 'EM; makes spectacular "lay out" catches
OFFENSE great bat speed; line drive hitter that has power to right field; hits the ball the other way
when he gets one down on the third base line, can't throw him out; great jumps @ 1st
INSTINCTS really has a good feel for the game; starting to show some polish in all areas
defensively Is a s good as you are going to see;
offensively learning how to maximze his combination of contact, power, and speed
Big time player; kind of guy you enjoy as a spectator because you want to "see what
he is going to do next". Sports Center highlite catches in the outfield
The game gets really exciting when he hits the field.
Defensively couldn't ask for anything more. Excellent job.
Continue to work on havng the "awareness" of "when" to make throw to a base to ty and get the
lead runner or when to get the ball in to keep batter from advancing.
Offensively, work on better contact with two strikes. Hard to tell that you "adjust" your approach
jst a ittle bit with 2 strikes. Would like to see you REALY buy into laying the ball down the third
base line. When you execute this, there aren't too many 3rd baseman that can throw you out. You
will realy increase your "stock" with this offensive addition. Don't get caught up in trying to
Offensively, work on better contact with two strikes. Hard to tell that you "adjust" your approach
Tremendous presence on the ball field and off. Coaches are looking for 10 more just like you !
You carry your self well handling success and failure with class.
One of the intangibles that not too many ball players posses.
Your speed, defense, instincts, "upside" are off the chart. Right now your throwing is the area
of focus for most scouts. You have made HUGE strides and continue to improve all the time.
Your throws that are low and thru the cut off man have nice "carry" and are impressive. Any "lack"
of arm strength or throwing ability is exposed when you "launch" the ball and get the ball "up".
Offensively, hitit and RUN. Run hard. Stay aggressive on the base paths. The more you are on
base the more "havoc" hyou create for the defense. "Buy into" the drag bunt AT THE RIGHT TIME.
We want to use our tools (speed) as weapons.... Use it.
Home run power is there and will show up BUT you are not a homerun hitter (today). Line shots
in the gap and RUN !
Player Profile
Top round draft material.
Center fielder / left fielder that combines high average, speed, and power.

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