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ABC uniforms

1. ABC wears red and blue t-shirt "jersey" tops for tournament games and ABC league games. Each player needs to have a red jersey and a blue jersey.

2. ABC wears red game cap at all times (tournaments and league games) All players need to have a red game hat.

3. I will order jersey #1 thru jersey # "x". You may end up wearing jersey number 22 or 42.

4. Fee for red top, blue top, red hat is $50. Many have not paid (I'm telling Santa Clause)

Frequently asked questions:

1. Question:

I have played with ABC in the past. Can I wear my red and blue tops from the fall?


Yes. BUT, I need to know what # you will be wearing. I MUST KNOW by Friday, May 14th, so that I can let the printer know not to print that #. If you do not let me know by Friday you will be responsible to buy a new set.


I have a red hat already from the fall. Can I wear that one?


Ummm......I can only imagine what that hat looks like and SMELLS like after months of games and workouts. ABC prides itself on PRESENTATION and I am very particular regarding what hats look like. My thoughts are that a hat that made it through the fall probably won't stand up to a long summer of heat and sweat. You'll need one sooner or about sooner than later.

3. Question:

I don't like the number I have from last fall and would like to get a new number. Can I?


Yes. But just like before, I have no "system" for issuing numbers. At our first summer ball meeting back in January I took # requests and only a few responded.


I have a superstition about a particular # and I just have to wear it. Can you help me?


Baseball, in my opinion is one of the most superstitious games I know. I "feel" for you. E-mail me your first and second choice for a number and I will do my best !


This seems awfully complicated. I just want to get on the field and PLAY SOME BALL ! Give me a hat, give me a red shirt with a number, give me a blue shirt with a number, here's my $50 bucks and lets ROLL! Do people really make it more complicated than this ?????????????????????


Yes. Oh, but they would never admit it :)

Have a Great Day