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ABC individual player observations from tournament - May 22 & 23
**to determine which "player" you are, use the first three letters of your dad's e-mail. NOTE: there are a few that are the first three letters of mom's e-mail. Any questions, e-mail me
Game observation jsh GREAT outing on the hill; we reviewed the video and we both saw EXCELLENT progress from where you were just a few months ago; a little "stiff" on the front leg, but over all GREAT !
Confidence seem to be at a all time high; you had some good AB's all weekend; keep those feet still !    Home to first 5.59, 5.22
Nice execution on hit & run (hit ball in gap) and hustled hard into second
Game observation duc You played your heart out all weekend; Pitched one of the best games of the tournament; Threw strikes, worked fast, great tempo; Keep working on breaking ball
Hustle out to your position in the OF. You would get out past the dirt and then walk; Noticed your feet moving around a bit in the batters box; GREAT bunt
Home to first  4.22, 4.97
Run with your head up on the bases. Over throw on a pick off at first and you ran all the way to second with head down. Coach was calling you to third
Game observation
Game observation dou
Game observation den I like watching you play; made a couple of fine plays at third; In my opinion, your player profile leans more towards third than second (tall, strong frame, good arm)
Over at third, you are the cut off man to home when runner on 2nd and basehit to left.
Game observation kei You were "hot" at the plate !; I noticed that you hustled out to your position every inning, this shows a lot of character; aggressive style on bases is fine, but when you "go to far"
it hurts the team and can kill the momentum; Need to be better with 2 strikes, put it in play; Posture in the OF
Game observation tis Way to swing the stick !; looked solid behind the plate; want to continue to work with you on your arm strength; to play 3B as a secondary position you need to "put in some time",
you looked a little rusty at 3B
Game observation mja Watched to see how you would "react'" to different situations; a little to "emotional" when things didn't go your way; Good hustle; Looked athletic in the field; swung the bat well
Touch 1st base. More than once you ran hard to first but stepped over the bag; You swung at 1st pitch off new pitcher that threw side arm. Take a look next time.
Broke in on a ball first that got over your head for a triple. Carefull . First move should not be "in" on the ball
Work on getting a bigger lead at first base. You're quick enough to get back. Need to "divide" pitchers attention
Game observation lju A bit over matched at the plate; need to really bear down on your approach at the plate, this will help you "over come" the mechanical adjustments you are working on
accuracy when getting the ball back into INF; HIT CUT OFF
Game observation tim Gamer; loved your attitude all weekend; keep plugging away; You are going to continue to develop into an OUTSTANDING Varsity player;
Keep working on command of pitches; FB, CB, and CH for strikes; Control the zone
Walked first two batters in first inning. Battled back to finish strong in the inning but both lead off walks scored
Game observation kim Just went out and "battled" all weeknd; enjoyed watching you pitch; threw a lot of strikes, pick up tempo just a bit; a little over matched at plate; keep working on your approach
and understanding what the pitcher is trying to do
Great job communicating to your middle INF's who has the bag on a come backer
Game observation car First time I have ever seen you TRULY "step up" to the challenge; you looked like you belonged and you looked like you were having fun; good hustle; solid all around
Be aware of the runner at seond when on defense. Need to "work the runner" a little better
Game observation rle Looked the best I have seen you on the hill in a long time; Looked like you were having fun; Keep swinging the bat, things look like they are starting to click
You looked comfortable at 3rd
Struck out on three straight pitches with runner on 3rd, tie ball game, less than 2 outs. Got to put the ball in play to score the runner.
Swung at first pitch curveball. Need to have a better plan
Game observation str  It's obvious that you are a talented player; Appear, to me, to be a bit nervous, need to "settle" in and play like you can; work on better AB's
Don't just chunk ball into INF when playing OF; Understand situation and where the cut off man is nd where throw should go
Game observation plo first time out on the "big field"; keep plugging away; great body for 1st baseman; trail the runner to second on a "for sure" double base hit to the outfield
Game observation plu Solid all weekend; great job at the plate and on defense; you're going to have to continue to step it up and play "A-List" ball; team needs you
Great job during warm-up throws; Excellent job throwing strikes, LIKE A MACHINE ! Impressive    Home to first 5.16
Game observation kev Solid on defense; great hustle; I like the way you seem focused at all times and you quietly go about your business; keep working on solid AB's
Need to make better throws to first during warm ups between innings
Watching you play defense you looked ready in in good athletic position at all times
Game observation rob No show and no communication regarding; Poor choice and horrible way to start the summer season; Need to show YOUR teammates more commitment
Game observation gma Took care of business; Consistent enough to be effective on the hill, but as you know, still a "work" in progress; Fastball had life and breaking ball can be NASTY !
Game observation jbm What can I say SOLID! Dominated on the hill; great tempo; Fastball was in the strike zone, breaking ball was sharp; GREAT TEMPO, had you at 11 sec. or less between pitches
Excellent job at the plate; Drove the ball in the gaps and put the ball in play; GREAT communication on defense; KEEP IT UP !   FB: 84-86
Watching you play defense you looked ready in in good athletic position at all times
We are going to work on using your "front side" better when you pitch. Glove arm tends to fall towards the ground rather than help "close" your elbows together
Game observation for Just love having you out there; Great attitude; Nice hustle; You understand the game and are VERY mature for your age ! Keep focusing on the goal, HS baseball !
Game observation Overby Nice to have you out there Saturday; No show on Sunday with no communication regarding; Not cool
Game observation pol Nice job taking care of business; Solid at 1st; Solid at he plate; I feel that you will continue to be more and more effective on the hill as we go forward; More consistent strikes
Wore wrong color pants Sunday. Pants were really dirty
Game observation
Game observation ken Worked behind in the count WAY TO MUCH; Behind hitters consistently; Too many lead off walks; Over matched at the plate, but battled well;
Mechanics look solid, just need to execute    FB:71-74   struggling to throw 1st pitch strikes
Walked the lead off batter in the 4th, 5th, and 6th innings
Game observation jpu Excellent hustle; In over your head a bit; Over matched at the plate, late on FB's; Solid defense and what a GREAT throw to nail  the runner at 3rd Saturday !
Really going to have to focus on your approach each AB and try and give yourself every advantage at all times
Game observation rae SOLID; You have matured as a ball player a TON; Love your approach and attitude towards the game; I feel a little time at 3rd & 2nd is a good idea;
Still stiffening out your front arm a bit when you swing  Get dirty on defense; leave your feet; Struggled on a few routine ground balls that should have been outs
Lead off runner was at 2nd and you and the SS made no attempt to hold him close.stole third easily; catch ALL throws from catcher at all times. Too many misses
Game observation bru Excellent performance on the mound; Tempo was GREAT, 11 seconds between pitches; Command of the zone and I felt that your pitch sequence was right on
No more 0-2 chang ups, your "asking" to get burned; noticed that your lower half does not get "through" the swing as well as it could (pivot)
Game observation
Game observation jro Man I love watching you play; You've got a "give me the ball" attitude about you at all times; Nice job on the hill; I want you to make up your mind that you are a VERSITLE
player that can play 1B and the OF; Your primary position is 1B, but, you ad value with versatility; Looked good at the plate  FB 74-76
When on the mound, need to be able to lift leg and still throw to 1st when runner takes off. Runner ran early and you still went home. Easy pickoff
Walked the lead off batter in the 2nd inning
Game observation asa Looking more and more confident; I feel confident with you at 3rd; strong arm and good glove; Keep battling at the plate; front arm still a little "long" through the swing
Game observation smi  Great weekend; I see a true leader shining through in you; Observed your encouragment of teammates, your hustle, and enthusiasm; Had some great AB's
Improve an moving around the bag at 1st; Make up your mind to catch EVERYTHING over there. Dug the ball out of the dirt a few times and then let a pick off go right by
Game observation sjs Steady; Not "real flashy", but solid all the way around; Going to have to be on top of your game at all times to compete, BUT YOU CAN !!!
Game observation
Game observation dst No one tries harder; I know "how bad" you want it; We talked about it, LET IT HAPPEN; Looked like you were trying at times to "Make too much happen"
Your strengths are playing solid defense and being consistent; Tools are right where they need o be and getting better, don't jump ahead of yourself;
Seems that your "over aggressive" play over shadowed your bright spots this weekend; Let it happen; I believe in you
Accuracy department could be better; Know "when" a batter can run on strike three and "when" they can't
Game observation mst You just take care of busines; reliable and consistent; Great job
Game observation wal Ooozing with potential; To play at the varsity level you're going to have to over achieve a little to keep up; bear down at the plate and have consistently good AB's
That doesn't necessarily mean get hits all the time, but you have to be the type of guy that contributes all the time; Inconsistantcy will "put you behind" another player
Great job holding runners on at 2nd;
Game observation aes Solid play all the way around; Looked comfortable moving from SS to 3rd; Lots of athleticism and potential; Looking forward to seeing you develop;
Want you to stay focused on execution; Potential without execution only looks good on paper; Going to hit lead off, go to make contact
Lead off runner was at 2nd and you and the second baseman made no attempt to hold him close.stole third easily; NEED to TALK and communicate
Excellent hustle down the line to first
Game observation sta Solid outing on the hill; A bit inconsistent in the strike zone but over all I felt you had a good outing; could use some more reps at 3rd
Be tter awareness of runner at 2nd; Vary your looks
Game observation tra Mr.communication on the field ! Rusty on the mound but all that meas is we need to get your reps in; Great baseball body and looking forward to seeing you develop;
Need to get lower half involved in swing; Need to "attack" the ball a bit better when playing third
Game observation jtw confident in you whenever you are on the field; had some solid AB's and felt like you looked really comfortable at the plate; bringing the arm along slow
Game observation rwa Remember that you can and will contribute in the field and at the plate; Don't settle for just mound time! Really showed me something when you battled back in the last 3 inings you threw
You have big time "stuff" just need to grasp how to use it effectively; Stepping across your body just a bit; You're going to have a HUGE summer !
Game observation agg I am so proud of you! As solid as I have seen you ever all weekend ! Your maturity behind the plate is amazing and I see you taking all that we discuss back out onto the field
and applying it; You are really maturing calling a game and the pitchers love to throw to you; Excellent job throwing behind runners; Your arm strength is Big-League
Put together som eof the best AB's I have ever seen from you; Stroking the ball nice, just nice a simple and smooth
Game observation cpi You just keep getting better; Defense is "off the chart"; I noticed you taking "charge" and emerging as a leader; I am proud of you
Keep in mind that your role at the plate is to put the ball in play; CONTACT CONTACT CONTACT
Game observation
Game observation jwe Pleasesure to be around you; You busted your tail all weekend and it was refreshing to see your smile and enthusiasm; You looked like you were having fun !
You can really run; Great job getting down the line; Put the ball in play and put the pressure on the defense.
Game observation gwi I like you! Just out there to do what the team needs; As we visited about your outing on the hill I felt that you have a good idea of where you are and what you are trying to accomplish
You need work, you know it, I know it, and together we are going to get you there !
Game observation lmp You we awesome on the hill; Keep up the confidence; You went out and made throwing strikes look easy; You've got a solid defense behind you that is going to make plays;
Your attitude is refreshing and you are going to have a HUGE summer ! I am proud of you  FB:82-85
Let up a little with your body on a change up. Can't "tip-off" your pitches in that manner
Game observation cwi You've come a long way and it is because you set your mind to where you want to be! Watching you at the plate I saw a guy with a plan and a purpose; I am proud of you
You HAVE TO continue to play solid defense; You MUST HAVE A POSITION TO PLAY; All hit, no "D" won't get you as far as a little of both
Game observation mwr Solid all weekend; You set the standard for the others everytime you are around; 110% all the time; Nice job laying down a few drag bunts; Great communication in the OF
Excellent drag bunt that you beat out on Sunday
Game observation wye Looked sharp behind the plate; Made some nice strong throws and you looked poised and solid; We're going to have fun this summer
Great job knowing not to make throw to second when runner had bag stolen easy
Game observation jze Steady and composed; Solid on defense and solid at the plate; Keep up the good work; I am so proud of you
Missed hit & run sign. Batter hit ball into gap and you probably would have scored had you been running
Game observation acl have got to be more aggressive on defense; balls hit in air behind 1B are your balls; COMMUNICATE
Be aware of the runner at seond when on defense. Need to "work the runner" a little better; No reason to get picked off 2B , don't be too aggressive
Have got to get to the shallow fly balls that are hit behind 2nd & 1st base. Two balls fell in for hits
Game observation lba Enjoyed watching you play Sunday; You have a "presence" about you that is refreshing; the guys really like you :)
Game observation lbl great job on the mound; have to throw strikes consistently, work fast and GET OUTS; a little "behind" at the plate; seemed to be overpowered by good FB
Better job throwing strikes this weekend, struggled a bit last weekend.
Felt you were over matched at the plate. Going to really have to bear down with a good approach to compete at this level
Game observation eri great job swinging the bat; have got to step up on defense; poor job getting in front of ground balls; way too many bobbles; get in front of the ball (grounders)
Game observation rba want you to keep striving to find a comfort zone; sometimes I look at you and feel like you are "playng scared"; pull the trigger at the plate;
Swing at the first pitch every once in awhile; Really need to establish yourself as a consistent player; heard you communicating outs on defense
Game observation sbo excellent job on the mound; great tempo; lots of strikes; seemed to be a bit over matched at plate; late on FB
Nice job on the mound; Impressed with your "stuff"; you slow down your body a bit when you throw your curve ball
A little late on FB's at the plate
Game observation pbr excellent job behind the plate; battled your tail off all day; great job blocking; nice AB's
Game observation mbr you threw strikes; great tempo; defense broke down behind you a little bit but you battled and kept your composure
Game observation rtb Impressive! Had one of the best, if not the best, outing of all the pitchers! Excellent tempo; Command of the strike zone; At the plate seemed a little awkward, but it will bet better !
Hit cut off man from OF. Runners advance unnecessarily when you don't
Nice job hustling to back up bases when you were playing OF
Game observation gro Always hustling and where you need to be; Seemed a bit overmatched but not anything you can't overcome; Games speeding up so step it up !; Catch fly balls
Game observation pit Steady and composed; Solid on defense and solid at the plate; Keep up the good work; I am so proud of you; Don't be too ctitical over every move
You're extremely talented and bring a lot to the table when you are on the field   FB:79-80; communicate who has bag on come backer
Game observation dav pleasantly surprised watching you pitch; great tempo, nice job; put together some really good AB's; GREAT hustle !
FB: 75-79    Home to first 4.50, 4.50
We are going to work on using your "front side" better when you pitch. Glove arm tends to fall towards the ground rather than help "close" your elbows together
Game observation dcu looked like you belonged; we spoke about being more aggressive on the base paths
You were on first and there was a basehit to right.You were not "thinking" 3rd base all the way; missed hit and run sign
Game observation jda pure pleaseure to watch; remember to hustle down to first base at all tmes, one AB you didn't reach the bag and started to turn around
Game observation mar played hard all game; excellent job a the plate; need to take a better "route" around first base on basehits. Running in straight line rather than making "arc" thru bag
Game observation jrd
Game observation
Game observation jus  pleasant surprise on the hill; lots of strikes, nice job; over matched at the plate; we need to work on getting loaded early so that FB doesn't beat you
When playing 1st, "look ready", had your hand on your hip quite a bit; POSTURE; do not throw your glove into the dugout when leaving the field
Game observation tae AWESOME DAY ! Some of the most consistent AB's of the day; really stepped it up behind the plate; carefull with the "drama" after a K or out at the plate
Home to first 4.69; Back up 1st on a double play
Game observation bgi solid all day; enjoed watching you catch; want to work with you on receiving the baseball; tend to receive the ball a little "close" to the body; nice throw on Danks
Need to improve accuracy; Strong arm , but ball tails; Need to set feet EVERYTIME you throw the ball, don't want ot give off a "lazy" impression  Home to first 5.06
Noticed, at times, when you were receiving the ball that you were catching it "in" close to your body to much. "Stick" the ball out front
Game observation m.g showed excellent athleticism all day; we talked about a "little less drama" when you don't get the call
Seems like you threw a lot of pitches; I feel that you could challenge hitters a little more, seem to be trying to "nibble"; Cut down on balls; GREAT TEMPO
Home to first 4.02 , 4.81 ;  Nice job reading "down angle" of baseball when on 2nd base; need to make better throws to first during warm ups between innings
Nice job "shutting it down" and not stealing on the pitch when the pitcher used a slide step
Game observation Gonzales impressive; excellent hustle all weekend; "tore it up" at the plate; Wandered off bag at second thinking you were out.
Game observation ste take a better angle when backing up 1st; good hustle
Game observation sgr nice rip to gap on curve ball; need to put together more quality at bats; your "player profile" puts you at the top of the batting order and lead off hitters are tough outs and they get on base
on base FB: 83-86    Home to first 4.81; need to make better throws to first during warm ups between innings; Great athletic play on drag bunt to almost get runner at 1st
Hustle to first every time you hit the ball. Popped up to right and you displayed minimal hustle. You want your player prfile to include hustle and speed. Don't waste chances
Nice, quick move to first base. Great job mixing up your tempo to home plate with a runner on 1st. Keeps runner from getting a good jump.
Hit the ball and run. Stood at home plate ainstead of running out a ball that you "thought" was foul. Umpire makes final decision.

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