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Summer ball 2004 preparations


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"At first I believed I could....then I believed I couldn't. I was right both times" - Betty Skildum

Plato reminded us, we do not quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quite playing. - Dale E. Turner

Everyday I am reminded how truly blessed I am to have the opportunity to be a part of so many peoples lives ! It occurred to me as I watched the games on Sunday that you too share in that opportunity as well. It was great to see everyone mingling in small groups, shaking hands and laughing ...... WHAT A BLESSING !

This past weekend's games were OUTSTANDING ! Some of the best baseball I have seen in a longtime. The "pride" of each individual school came out and the intensity was contagious.

Congratulations Victor, Spears, Lenz,, and Williams on your "MOON SHOTS" out of the park.

I was so proud to see the underclassman "digging in" and getting their cuts in at the plate as well as taking their lumps on the mound.

As one of the dad's who had not ever been out to an ABC weekend of baseball walked away he commented on the "class" of the players and the organization of all that went on. YOU are the one's to thank and I "take my hat off" to you !  THANK YOU ALL :)

ABC Summer Team News


WHEW !!! Where do you start !

The last 6 weeks have been very fruitful and amazing. UT, TCU, Baylor, College World Series tournament (Omaha), Texas A & M, Univ of houston, Rice, Perfect Game, etc.......have been added to a "Summer Outlook" calendar.

I have prepared a fancy "PDF file" containing a calendar of dates and details and will be sending that out to you ASAP.


next move- There will be a meeting for individual teams later this month to get YOUR input on the summer schedule.

There will be a premium on MAXIMIZING exposure and MINIMIZING expenses and travel this summer. A combination of highly publicised local events and a select few "high profile" events will make their way onto the schedule. IT'S YOUR DECISION. You guide me, I'll do the leg work.

A summer deposit will be due later this month so that we can begin to send in entry fee's as well as order uniforms. (RED hats will be worn) Each player will choose their own number :)



I cannot endure some of the same pitfalls (nor can you) from last summer. Lets learn. Rosters will consist of 12 committed team members and will be set ASAP ! Schedules will be confirmed and players and parents can and will begin to make any necessary travel or financial arrangements.

I have a REALLY GREAT idea of where to plug each player in and I PROMISE the sun will come up tomorrow and YOU WILL have maximum playing time, innings, a truly POSITIVE experience, and WE WILL have a BALL !

I plan to have teams, schedules, arrangments, expectations, etc....sewn up in the next couple of weeks. To much GOOD STUFF happening to have this hanging over our heads !



Great feedback from yesterdays e-mail, thanks !

Let me go into a bit of a more detailed "over view" of Summer 2004.


Last day of school is May 26th. We will begin to play weekend games with those who finish Fresh, JV, Varsity seasons during the month of May. Those in the playoffs do not participate in these games until team is "knocked out" of playoffs.

Saturday May 29th we will have a "kick-off" BBQ and day of baseball. Memorial Day is Mon 31st so this will give families a chance to enjoy the two Sun / Mon together.


Fri / Sat / Sun June 11-13 ABC will again host the "State Championship" classic hosted @ St.Edward's University (18U & 16U divisions) The High School State tournament will be going on at this time at Dell Diamond. Lots of scouts and coaches in town.


June 15-20 ABC will participate in the College World Series Showcase in Omaha, Neb.


June 25-26 ABC hosts Showcase at St.Edward's University


July 4th weekend OFF to spend time with families


July 6-11 ABC travels to Atlanta for Perfect Game / Baseball America 2005 grad Showcase


July 9-10 Showcase hosted at St.Edward's Univ


July 12-18 ABC travels to Atlanta for Perfect Game / Baseball America 2004 grad Showcase


Late July ABC participates in AABC - Connie Mack State Championship Showcase

Also in July, CABA State Showcase in Houston


To be added to schedule

Showcase @ Baylor - Baylor assnt coach Mitch Thompson and I are looking at possible dates.

Showcase @ A & M - Mike Rutledge with Houston Kyle Chapman is coordinating with assnt Coach David Coleman to set date

Showcase @ UT- UT assnt. Coach howard Hurrera and I are working on possible dates

Showcase @ TCU- TCU assnt Coach Todd Whitting and I are working on possible dates

Showcase @ Rice- Rice assnt Coach David Pearce and I are working on possible dates.

Showcase @ LSU - DBAT director Cade Griffis has contacted me and we are working out details.

Other opportunities

I have been and I am in the process of contacting the following schools regarding Baseball Solutions coordinating a HS Summer league and tournament schedule for ball players to play competitive ball with their respective HS teams as well as play for ABC. I am soliciting support from other Select teams and programs in town to "get on board" and be a part of this exciting opportunity.

Each HS would field a JV and Varsity team during the summer. HS fields would be utilized and games would be on Tues - Wed - Thurs (depending on how many teams participate). There will be one HS team tournament for both divisions each month. Feed back from the coaches has been tremendous and I have two organizations already on board in support of this project. Schools considered : Bowie,Westlake,Austin High,Anderson,McCallum,Round Rock,Stony Point,Westwood,McNeil,Cedar Park,Leander

I will keep you posted.

Learning process

ABC has "grown" and continues to do so. With your help and input we WILL have a the best summer ever. I want to address a couple of issues and give you some perspective:

1.       Travel and "hype" does not equal exposure and collegiate opportunity. I am a member of the Texas Scouts Association, Perfect Game advisory committee, NCAA Association of Baseball Coaches of America. I will be making recommendations for Area Code invitations, advising the Perfect Game staff regarding 2005,2006,2007 prospects and recommendations for their "invitation only" events. I actively communicate with over 150+ collegiate schools and all 30 major league teams (the texas scouts association will receive memo's on every ABC event, player, and activity. All 30 major league teams area scouts will be made aware of my reports)

2.       Individual performance, presentation, and pro-active marketing are all key components that "anchor down" a ball players marketability.

3.       A ball players Spring High School Baseball season is their biggest Showcase of the year. 

4.       Summer training sessions will incorporate some of the latest and dynamic arm strength and velocity training. ALL position players and pitchers will be exposed to drills and exercises that are PROVEN to give results. read more at . (We will get started with this program sooner than this summer . Stay tuned)

Final thoughts

I am committed to making any and all necessary adjustments to make sure that our baseball experience together positive and productive. The idea behind Baseball Solutions in to bring together the baseball community and knock down some of the negative stereotypes and walls that have been built regarding different "programs".

Over the holiday break I took the initiative to meet face to face with Tommy Boggs (SLAM) James Ellison (WINGS) Pat Reid (TASBA) Tony Degelia (LSBA) Farley Styles (Texas Elite) in an effort to let them know I respect what they are doing in and for the baseball community and I do not, nor have I , harbored any bad feelings. I made necessary apologies where appropriate and extended a sincere invitation to share ideas and work together to give the baseball community an AMAZING baseball experience !!!

I am inviting them all to get behind the HS summer league structure as well as to participate in our summer Showcase opportunities and tournaments.

I want to gather in the next few weeks in "small groups" or Teams to make any last minute adjustments.

Whew....enough for now :)

Coach Prater


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