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meeting agenda - Fall outlook


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message posted Thursday 7/31 10:00pm 

this is just the beginning......

You will make the freshman can play varsity as a you will lead your team to the district playoffs... you can make all-district....

you can improve your can prioritize your training can make the commitment.....

you will play college baseball......because together WE will


Ball players must become more PROACTIVE and embrace the opportunities provided. Commiting time to scheduled workouts as well as work on their own. Parents will become part of the support system and "team".

  • ABC is about life...... again, ABC is about life. Baseball brings us together under a common umbrella..........
  • Enrolling in program requires a scheduled sit down consultation with ABC development coordinator (Coach Prater) Follow up each quarter (details of meeting outlined later)
  • As coordinator of development at ABC, Coach Prater strives to provide personal attention to each and every ball player and family. It is his desire to build a strategic team between with each ball player, parent, HS coach, and ABC.
  • Each player will be required to have a skills testing evaluation
  • All training sessions will be coordinated and monitored by development coordinator (Coach Prater)
  • Training sessions will be conducted at both north and south training facilities.
  • Coach Prater will be TEACHING, coordinating, and encouraging !
  • Players will be responsible and accountable to be PROACTIVE in regard to their own personal development. You will have a scheduled session with a coach along with "homework" and "extra work" assignments each week. Players will be responsible to journal their reps and "extra work" activities.
  • Weekly training will be designated as an OFFENSIVE or DEFENSIVE training week .Offensive weeks will have a SWINGTHERAPY session on a designated day as well as "batting homework" and defensive "homework". Defensive weeks will have a scheduled defensive training session along with defensive skills "homework" as well as batting "homework".
  • Instructional games will be a vital part of ABC player development. Games will be scheduled during the week (Thurs) as well as on Sat/Sun afternoons.
  • YOU CAN train and not play on a team

ABC will facilitate team opportunities under the following conditions:

  • An understanding that a ballplayers success is measured on his own personal tools of the game - arm strength, foot speed, hitting, hitting for power, defense. Team affiliation, playing in the "right tournaments", traveling the country in search of opportunities, the # of games played, who you are playing, etc..... do not secure your place in college baseball. There are an enourmous amount of variables that go into a scout or recruiters decision on a player. We will explore them together.
  • We will be streamlining and "downsizing" to ensure quality and attention.
  • No politics please.
  • Games will be "mapped" using game breakdown chart allowing development coordinator (Coach Prater) the opportunity to monitor playing time, at bats, innings, mound time, etc..... further ensuring a policy of quality control.
  • Parents and development coordinator (Coach  Prater) will work closely together to EXCEED expectations :)
  • Teams operate with 12 man rosters                                                    (6 palyers would be pitchers whose goal would be to pitch a minimum of 5 innings per start)
  • ABC will sponsor teams year round. The ABC Showcase teams require a year round commitment ($225 monthly training and facilities fee) Texas scout team requires 4 month semester commitment (Fall / Summer / Spring. $1200 semester training and facilities fee)
  • ABC Showcase teams require year round participation and commitment from team participants. #1 frustration related to sponsoring teams is commitment. ABC will commit every ounce of energy, time and resources to those who understand and commit to creating a  long term "Family type" relationship.Showcase teams require a tremendous amount of preparation both on and off the field (scheduling, budget, marketing to recruiters, etc..) Skill levels must be maintained through aggressive year round workouts. This program is not for everybody. Your commitment to being pro-active in the recruiting process, training regimine, attendance at scheduled workshops w/ guest speakers & trainers will be required. etc........... this isn't a "Select team" or a country club.

Playing baseball at the next level is a year round commitment. Whether it's making the freshman team or moving onto college......

Summer semester 2003 coaches monthly payroll:  $11,550   (does not include Prater)    

Monthly overhead to maintain two training facilities: $21,490

Take a minute to ponder these questions:

ABC had teams represented in _____ # of tournaments this summer ?

The entry fee budget for those tournaments was ____?

The ABC travel budget (transportation, hotel rooms, meal $ for coaches, etc...) for summer 2003 was _______?

Who makes the hotel reservations, bus reservations, van rentals, enters teams in the tournaments __________?

We're working HARD for you guys :)

In the works for Fall...

We have been in contact with the University of Texas, Baylor, TCU, U of H, Rice, Perfect Game, etc ...... regarding showcases.

Tournament directors for the 18U & 16U age groups have been contacted.

Individual college recruiting meetings with players

Coach Prater is currently a professional scout and coach for the Milwaukee Brewers.

more to come......


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