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Congratulaitons to ABC family memebrs selected to Pre-Season All-Centex Team '03
Jimmy Thoma - C (McNeil HS) John Danks - P (Round Rock HS)
Matt Nachreiner - P (Round Rock HS) Ty Davis - P (Westlake HS)
Chance Wheeless - 1B (Round Rock HS) Nick Peoples - 3B (Round Rock HS)
Congratulations to the Class of '03 college scholarship recipients:
John Danks(Univ. of Texas) Matt Nachreiner(Univ. of Arizona)
Travis Schlichting(Baylor Univ) Jay Russell(Univ of New Mexico)
Aaron Garza(Vanderbilt Univ) Ty Davis(Vanderbilt Univ)
Neil Smith(St.Edward's Univ) Kye Kolar(Univ of Virginia)
Chance Wheeless(Vanderbilt Univ) Nick Peoples
Best wishes go out to ABC  '02 family members  in collegiate programs this spring:
Matt Goebel (Tulane Univ.) Zach Gallenkamp (Univ. Texas)
Jason Pyle (Univ. of Arkansas) Max Kleinman (McNeese Sate)
Chris Coover (Navarro Juco) Kyle Gruver (Navarro Juco)
Mike Lusk (McClennan Juco) Jerry Williams(Collin County)
Brandon Green (Navarro JUCO)  Keith Skates (McMurray)

PDS / ABC  family recognizes the following
2002  All-District, All-Centex, All-State Honorees
PDS/ABC has had the pleasure to be a part of their baseball experience over the years

*players highlited in blue play or have played for ABC*
players in red participated in PDS training programs

Barrett, Tommy - Bowie HS - OF   

Bloomquist, Stuart - Lake Travis HS - RHP

Branyon, Ty - Bowie HS - OF


Carlson, Cullen - Lake Travis HS - OF

Chavez, Tony - Bowie HS - 3B


Clevelan, Brent - Westwood HS -OF

Cole, Will - St. Michaels HS - C


Coover, Chris - Bowie HS - 1B


Crais, Aaron - Georgetown HS - C

Crum, Luke - Westlake HS - 2B


Danks, John - Round Rock HS - UTIL

Davis, Ty - Westlake HS - RHP


Fenhoff, Ben - Lago Vista HS - 2B

Fogle, Spike - Bowie HS - C


Fonseca, Jose - Del Valle - OF


Freeman, George - Austin HS - DH

Gallenkamp, Zach - Westlake HS - RHP

Garcia, Steven - St.Andrew's HS - OF

Garza, Aaron - Westake HS - OF

Goebel, Matt - Austin HS - RHP

Golson, Greg - Pflugerville Connally HS - OF

Gonzalez, Rueben - Crockett HS - C

Goss, Jon - Dripping Springs HS - OF

Gosselink, Scott - St.Stephen's HS - SS

Gruver, Kyle - Bowie HS - RHP

Gunderson, Kyle - Anderson HS - RHP

Higdon, Daniel - Marble Falls - 2B

Jacobs, Bryan - Westlake HS- OF

James, Marcus - Bowie HS - RHP

Kelso, Kevin - Pflugerville HS

Killion, Terry - Bowie HS - RHP

Kleinman, Max - McNeil HS - C


Kutcherosky, Jordan - Lake Travis HS - 2B

Lusk, Mike - Westalke HS - DH


Marek, Steven - McNeil HS - RHP

Mears, Gary - Dripping Springs HS - OF

Miller, Cody - Temple HS - DH


Nachreiner, Matt - Round Rock HS - RHP

Ormand, Jonnie - Bowie HS - SS

Paiz, Jonathan - Crockett HS - OF

Pellien, Jordan - Westake HS - 3B

Primrose, Matt - Anderson HS - RHP

Pyle, Jason - Austin HS - C


Randell, Laurn - McCallum HS

Rivas, Jason - Bowie HS - 2B


Russell, Jay - Westalke HS - SS

Schlichting, Travis - Round Rock HS - SS

Simmons, Jason - Marble Falls - 3B

Sprinkle, Travis - Anderson HS - OF

Stark, Zach - Westlake HS - OF


Thoma, Jimmy - McNeil HS - DH

Trager, Emerson - Hays HS - LHP

Truitt, Anthony - Bowie HS - OF


Villegas, Jason - Hays HS - SS


Wheeles, Chance - Round Rock HS - 1B

Whittlesey, Blake - Marble Falls - C

Williams, Jerry - Hyde Park HS - UTIL

Winkler, Jason - Pflugerville HS - OF

Wood, Logan - Hays HS - C


Woodworth, Jack - Westlake HS - C

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