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13-14U Workout Schedules


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SWINGTherapy and the Pitching/Defensive Workout schedules will be posted every Monday evening check back often for updates.

SWINGTherapy Classes

Location: Batting Facility


4:30 PM Hitting Group

Brown, Reese, Roche, Schallert, French, Reissman, Bielss, Connaway, Gloria

5:30 PM Hitting Group

Martin, Eiland, Goldenshue, Crews, Coover, Gruver, Russell, Gallenkamp, Goebel, Canty

6:30 PM Hitting Group

Yoder, Spears, Fenhoff, Davis, R


5:30 PM Hitting Group

Wood, Kleinman, Corkill, Whittlesey, Williams,J, Trager, Gracia, Green, Smith, Lofaro, Vasquez

6:30 PM Hitting Group

DeLeon, Dufour, Winkler, Crews


Last updated: August 18, 2001

Thanks for checking the PDS Schedule for this week. Check back often for any last minutes changes. Coach P

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Pitching/Defensive Classes

Location: St. Andrew's Academy



4:30 PM Class

Brown, Reese, Eiland, Gloria, Schallert, Reissman, Martin

5:30 PM Class

Gallenkamp, Goebel, Russell, Gruver, Trager, Lofaro, Crews, Coover

6:30 PM Class

Canty, Schallert, Williams,J, Connaway

Infield Class

4:30 PM Class

Gallenkamp, Goebel, Coover, Russell, Crews, French

5:30 PM Class

Reese, Eiland, Gloria, Schallert, Reissman, Bielss, Canty

6:30 PM Class

Spears, DeLeon, Corkill, Smith, Yoder, Vasquez, Garcia

7:30 PM Class

Whittlesey, Dufour, Williams,J, Connaway

Outfield Class

5:30 PM Class

Brown, Roche, Martin, Goldenshue, Garcia

6:30 PM Class

Trager, Lofaro, Kleinman, Wood, Winkler, Gruver

Catchers Class

7:30 PM Class

Kleinman, Lusk, Skates, Yoder, Wood, Spears