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PDS Training Semester's


PDS Training Semester's | High School workout Sessions | 13-14U Workout Sessions

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Player Development Strategies (PDS)

The PDS Summer Semester program begins May 1st, 2002 and ends August 31th, 2002. This program is an independent training program provided by Player Development Strategies and requires you and your ballplayers commitment for the entire 4 month semester.

Competitive Team Baseball

Where your ballplayer plays competitive team baseball is his choice. PDS will sponsor competitive teams during the Fall, Spring and Summer baseball sessions, but participation on those teams is secondary to our primary goal...skills training.

PDS Semester Fees

The fee for the each Semester of training is $800.00. A monthly fee of $200.00 will be collected on the 1st of each month.

Weekly SWINGTHERAPY sessions

Weekly Defensive Specific Classes related to position

Unlimited use of PDS Training Facility

Participation in FALL instructional games

Signing up for PDS

Contact Coach Prater at (512)844-8105.